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About Mind Conscious

This blog is intended to discuss ideas concerning religion, morality and a host of other subjects that will fall under that umbrella. I hope that the posts to come will forward thought and inspire others to embrace reality and find beauty in what is rather than what one wants to be true.

I hope to post a new blog at least once a month, but it is very likely that I will post blogs more often than that. If anyone wishes to discuss or debate topics with me personally, my email is


About the Blogger

Hello there, my name is Michael and I am currently a senior in college working towards my B.S. in Mathematics. I am 23 years old and have been an atheist since I was about 16. I grew up in a small religious town which enabled me to see into all of the corruption and failed logic of religion itself. While religion is still a primary topic on this blog, I am most intrigued by questions of morality and philosophy. I believe that honesty, acceptance of what is, advocacy of reason and evidence, and the continuous desire to learn play the biggest roles in finding true happiness. Words like the ones stated above will appear in many of my blogs and may be the underlying theme as well. My biggest goal on this blog would be to help people come to a great understanding of what these beliefs truly mean at their deepest level. In conclusion, I love discussion and debate. While my views will be presented passionately, I am always willing to listen to other ideas and if supported by true evidence and reason, have no problem changing my views. At the end of the day, all that matters is what is. I accept whatever that truly is and I hope to be a positive force in this ideal. 

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