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Theism vs. Deism

September 24, 2012

Because the majority of my posts will be an effort in persuading the believers of some God. I thought this may be a good time to make a distinction between my thoughts on deism and theism.

My arguments are geared primarily towards theists. The reason for this is deism is almost too vague to really argue. One can hear the theory of a deist and the only reply we can probably muster is; “Maybe, I guess.” Typically, the arguments of a deist, even if they were to be right in the end, are unsatisfying to think about with the information we have today.

This does not mean that I think theists have a stronger argument. Theists’ arguments are just intricate enough for skeptics like me to be critical. The standard argument from a deist would be something like; “I believe that there was an ultimate creator who set the constants to the necessary values in order for life to develop. This creator has no abilities to watch us, nor does he care to, and he isn’t all-knowing, or all-powerful.” Other arguments will assert that this god is essentially a scientist, and the universe is a science experiment, or aliens came to earth and laid down the essential elements for life to prosper. Again, all that one can say is, maybe, and ultimately leaving their hypothesis with no weight when you retort; “What evidence do you have that would suggest this?”

Like I said, this does not mean that theists have a stronger argument. I personally think that it is more likely that we are a science experiment, rather than pawns in God’s “perfect” plan. The argument of deists is simply unsatisfying and rather shallow with what we know right now, so the conversation isn’t really worth having (yet?) in my opinion.

So when I am being critical, my points of attack are geared towards theists. Those who believe in an all-knowing, all-powerful being. While I believe that even this debate has an obvious answer, there are enough people who disagree with me, and have rather entertaining arguments, that keep me excited and willing to post my thoughts on the matter. I will probably always enjoy this debate.

– MC


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  1. Im am not sure if the answers are “obvious enough” 😉

  2. I am open to arguments that can prove me wrong. 🙂 Where are you in the religion debate? Theist? Agnostic?

  3. Information is slowly (too slowly, in my opinion) helping to make religion die off. The more we know about the world around us, the less people have to resort to deities to explain things. The internet is the biggest kick in the ass to religion since, well, I don’t know what. Evolution takes time. Eventually everybody, or most everybody, will come around, just not in our lifetimes.

  4. Sadly, I agree that I don’t see the end of religion in my days. I think that the ultimate antidote to religion however, is knowledge. A greater awareness of reality dispels religion to the simple minded and ignorant ideas that it is. We live in a time where a great abundance of information is closer than arms reach for many of us. Hopefully religion will continue to make its way out the door so we can move on to a greater, more fulfilling future for all conscious creatures. Thank you for your thoughts Jason 🙂

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