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A Word of Wisdom

September 7, 2012

Since I usually take my time between posts, I thought I would make my site worth coming to more often by trying to post some quick thoughts between posts. I don’t know how often I will do this, but I hope to maybe have one or two small posts between my larger concepts that I wish to discuss. So for my first of hopefully many short posts to come, I would like to talk about an article that my wife showed me that played the catalyst in my thoughts on the effects of Christianity.

Some of you already know that I was raised around many members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as was my wife. In fact she was engulfed in the church. With this history I have had a special bone to pick with Mormons ever since I was a young lad. For those of you unaware with the church’s teachings, there is something within the church known as The Word of Wisdom. In the word of wisdom, I believe verses seven and nine in the link, their interpretation is that caffeine is to be consumed sparingly. They make it a little more intricate than that however. They virtually forbid coffee, tea, soda, and other drinks of the sort. I honestly have not met a single Mormon (and I have met hundreds, upon knowledge of thousands) that drinks coffee or tea, and tea is actually the central topic of this post.

My wife directed me to this article here which talks about the well-known scientific understanding of the benefits of green tea. The focus of the study in the article is on EGCG, a main ingredient in green tea. Studies show that this ingredient aids in the making of neural progenitor cells, which are like stem cells, and the most direct effects were in spacial memory. Further testing showed that EGCG plays a direct role in the development of these cells.

How I tie this into the failure of the word of wisdom is that these findings would have been impossible in a world ruled by the Mormon faith. They didn’t turn to science, they turn to voices that the powerful hear in their heads. The stubbornness will grow even more obvious as I am almost certain that this article would do nothing in changing the minds of the Mormon faithful.

There is also blatant evidence here that they are not truly inspired by God. For if they were, they would already have known of the benefits of tea, and therefore would have never discouraged the use. I know this is small with regards to the entire religion, but when one claims to be inspired of God, you have absolutely no room for error.

Lastly, I would like to stress what a great example this is of the hinderance religion is to society. In a world controlled by religion, we could still find ourselves close to the dark ages in many respects, especially medicine. Science, learning, and honest discussion is how we progress. Reading the same books written by ignorant minds of the past for hundreds of years leaves you, well… In the past.



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  1. So… atheism through tea?

  2. No, just a very small example of the little things in religion that actually have a negative impact.

  3. Kevin permalink

    Great example of one of the many hindrances of religion.

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