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Religious Tolerance

August 15, 2012

The subject of religious tolerance is unique. It is maybe the only topic that one can find differing religious philosophies and even atheists teaming together on. The spectrum is typically as follows; Passionate religious people may be against religious tolerance, except when it comes to their own beliefs of course. Passionate atheists, like myself, will say that religious tolerance is simply a way of smuggling a social time bomb further into the future. Then, there are the light-hearted religious folk teamed up with the agnostics of the world saying live and let live. The idea that all philosophies should coexist as everyone is accepting of all ideas.

Like I stated above, I am against religious tolerance. I hope to show you that while the argument that religious tolerance is the most peaceful means of functioning as a society is appealing at face value, it does not take long to see the hate and suffering that this argument condones.

Before going further from here, I would like to preemptively end a potential argument that could arise quickly. I in no way support any forceful measures being taken to rid the world of religion. What I mean by that is violence is in no way part of the solution. I believe that education, knowledge and honesty is the only way that we can truly reach this goal.

Is this by any means a realistic dream? Not really. I highly doubt religion will be gone before I die. But what I am trying to persuade atheists of all levels is to be critical of people’s opinions and be willing to discuss topics that you disagree with rather than letting someone babble on about absurdity. Simply put, call bullshit when you see it. There are very respectable ways to have intelligent conversation that progress thought and enlighten others to what many of us would view as a better tomorrow.


The value that many hold, ‘live and let live’, is actually not as peaceful an idea as one may assume. Christianity sells the naive a beautiful picture filled with love thy neighbor and eternal bliss. However, before you even read on, I am sure you already know that there is plenty of evidence that there is much more to their picture.

Christianity breeds simple, stubborn, and judgemental minds. Where’s my evidence of this? For starters, it is in the bible. The link provided here is but a brief of example of the support of slavery. Slavery is thankfully far in our past but during the time of slavery in America, those in support of slavery turned to the Bible to defend their rights to own another human being. I can only imagine how much that alone slowed the progress of man.

A quick turn to Mormonism and you will find the most blatant support of bigotry. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is clear about their belief that when Cain killed Abel and was given a mark by God, the mark of Cain was black skin. They proceeded up until the late 70’s to consider dark skin a curse before finally allowing blacks the right to “the priesthood.”

Ask any atheist, and even Christians, and you can become completely educated on the ongoing struggle in the schools between teaching evolution vs. creation in our schools. In a later blog I plan to discuss what sickens me about this but for now I allow you, the reader to research this conflict. What I will say about this is how much I am angered by the religious using their own fear of what reality is showing to hinder the very progress of science. Science is what will keep humanity alive. And in a very real sense, religion can destroy the world with their ignorant, fear fueled drive to combat the progress of man towards what is, rather than the selfish fantasy of the followers. Again, more on this another time.

On to the most recent news. Perhaps the most blatant in today’s society, gay rights. Again I plan to go into more depth on this subject in a later blog, but here is my two cents for now. Because we (as a whole) continue not to be critical of people’s beliefs by allowing people to believe what ever they want to believe, we in turn hurt many other people. Discount the past for now and it is still obvious. Homosexuals have fewer rights than the rest of the world merely because of religions control over society. They not only withhold their rights, they degrade and attack those who are different from them for a reason I would consider to be fear. The Westboro Baptist Church has continued their reign of terror, not only on the LBGT community but beyond as well. Most recently, Chick-Fil-A has openly advertised their anti-gay beliefs. They have even created a hateful sandwich, and what sickens me the most is that this controversy netted Chick-Fil-A even more support from the Christian community. It is this blatant disregard for the well-being of our fellow man that leaves me in awe of the pedestal of peace the Christians have been placed upon.


This is another religious power, with grips held strongest in the middle east, that I believe can be even more dangerous than the Judeo-Christian community. I believe this because they have text that translate to “kill the infidel” and to many of the extremists, find it a life’s goal to be a martyr. This is why suicide bombings are worth being afraid of.

I believe it was in Richard Dawkins book, The God Delusion, that I realized that these people who are responsible for suicide bombings, most notably 9/11, were not and are not crazy. These people, outside of their strict and literal interpretation of the Quran, are loving and, by all medical standards, normal people. It is their unwavering faith that this book is true that motivates them to attempt the acts much of the world views as so vile.


I could continue on but I wish for my last sentence to resonate within you for a moment as you should realize that this is what religious tolerance leads to. When bad things happen in the name of God, we are not always seeing a mentally insane person. We are seeing sane people with the whole-hearted belief that what they are doing is right. Of course religious tolerance does not always lead to the extreme. And I don’t believe that atheists need to go door to door telling the world of what we believe. We all have friends that are Christian or Muslim etc. and we know that they will live a peaceful life without really hurting anyone. But this tolerance is not always for the better. We should be willing to discuss views that we believe will lead to a better tomorrow, and not allow underlying wrongs to go uncorrected. The true key to peace is through knowledge and understanding of what is. Not being coddled by our crutches to hide us from our fears of the unknown. To believe that tolerance of religious beliefs is the key to a peaceful society, one is neglecting to recognize not only the facts that I’ve listed above, but also the truth that is begging to be found. Many people will suffer as a result of religious tolerance, and nobody should stand for that.


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